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Just imagine having the exceptional girlfriend experience right at your fingertips!

Are you having difficulties getting your needs met at home?

Are you stressed out beyond belief?

Struggling with too much work travel? Consider the potential strategies.

Do you find it difficult spending time with young girls?

Do you dream of spending premium time with a mature independent high end sensual companion?

Is fun and laughter missing from your life? Do you wish to experience the magic and expand your life? You must live it to believe it. I want for you to experience the rush of happiness.

Are you overworked and underplayed?

Are you ready for an uncomplicated fun-filled adventure? Together is a wonderful place to be so immerse yourself in a fantastic all-inclusive mini vacation.

Do you need help putting the “F” into fun? Let’s turn memorable into unforgettable. I am all yours to discover. I have a knowing of what needs attention. You will be amazed with all of our unique possibilities.

Allow me to be your personal change agent. Whatever your problems may be, I have the solutions and will be happy to share them with you. I have the essential ingredients for effective and authentic service. Satisfying your needs brings me joy and means everything to me. Let’s share some pleasure today and explore your fantasies in our confidential session. I would love to spend some sweet time devoted to spoiling and pampering you.  I have the gift of putting you at ease. I embrace who you are and touch your heart. I will be on your mind long after my scent has faded from your skin.

I am loaded with sensuality, fun, freedom, adventure and intrigue combined with beauty, positive energy, confidence and authenticity. I have enriching experiences to share. I am in touch with my sensual self. I am naturally a curious and rebellious soul. I seek to meet those who wish to experience the ultimate in luxury companionship when an average companion will not do. I guarantee that I am a worthwhile transformational indulgence.

My name is Natalee and I am a low volume well traveled 40 something muse. I am of European descent with short blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, soft silky skin, clear complexion, soft luscious lips and a pearly white smile. I am healthy, fit and Paleo/Keto. I am slender standing at 5’5″ and weighing in at 115 lbs.

I am free from smoke, drugs, alcohol, tattoos, caffeine, gluten, sugar, attitude, stress, drama and piercings.

If you like to laugh and you want to see me at my one and only live performance just search Natalee Raye on YouTube. It is 14 minutes long so grab some popcorn.

My professional background partially consists of being a technical writer, corporate manager, university instructor, land surveyor, model, artist, interior decorator, carpenter, holistic nutrition educator and owner of many wellness centers and various businesses in the Bay Area. I love to try new things. My motto is: Work Hard! Play Harder!!

I enjoy duos, international travel,  luxury, dancing, giving and receiving massages, hiking, white water rafting, skydiving, getting into mischief or just doing anything fun, new and exciting. I am open to new possibilities. Got any ideas? I know some of you are going, “Dang, if she just loved sports, she would be the perfect girlfriend!” I do play bocce ball.

I am certain we will have the best time ever. If you are interested in spending time with me, please note that my rates are for my companionship. I really enjoy one-on-one time with you and consider myself able to hold up my end of the conversation on many topics.


For a world-class, unparalleled indulgence of a lifetime call, email or text me. I check emails a couple of times a day so calling or texting is faster.

If you wish to speak to me directly call 971-271-4551. My phone is off during travel and appointments but I will get back to you as soon as I am able. 

Email: rayenatalee@gmail.com

I do have reviews on TER: http://www.theeroticreview.com/reviews/show.asp?id=35030

Kisses, Natalee

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